Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Grannie & Pop's Excellent Idaho Adventure

A sweet picture.
Rock on Colby, our newest addition.
Most of us, just missing Dan & Kris

The collage of the trip:

A few months ago we knew Kris and Eliza were going to have little Colby. So, Eliza said come when the kids are out of school for potato harvest. So the plans were made....

So, off we went on Saturday october 4th at 7 o'clock in the morning. We were trying to drive it in one day. We arrived Sunday morning at 2:30 a.m. We didn't unload, just quietly crept in the house and jumped in Gracie's bed. Sooo glad two old foogies made on our own. We listened to conference and visited and hugged alot.

On Monday, Pops and I went with Michelle to pick up Dan at school. Then we drove around and saw a few Rexburg sights. One of them was this house built in the shape of a boat. The story is after the Teton Dam broke and flooded their house, they decided to flood proof their house. Hence, the house shaped like a boat.

Later in the afternoon we took the kids on a walk to the Nature Park not too far from their house. We fed the ducks, and discovered that it was close to the south fork of the Teton River and a campground. How great to be able to go camping five minutes from your house.....

Monday night for family home evening, we went to the Museum of Idaho and saw a bunch of stuff about the Pharoahs.

Tuesday we went to the Teton Flood Museum and learned a bunch of interesting things. I bought a book by a lady who went through the flood. I gained a deep appreciation for the people of the Rexburg area and the saints and others who helped them recover. I even asked Kris' grandma, Dora Waltz about her experience. I could tell that even after all these years it was still difficult for her to talk about. She said that on a warm, sultry day you could still smell the flood mud.

On Wednesday, Michelle and Dan had the day off, so we went to Mesa Falls. It was actually where they started to fall in love. It was a beautiful spot only an hour and a half away from home. On the way home, there was a spot to stop and feed the fish. That was great fun to see the fish jump out of the water to eat our bread.

On Thursday, we just went and did some shopping. I made Miche and Dan an autumn wreath for their door. Oh my gosh, Dan's mom has horses and we got to go horse back riding. For Lo it was great to see him having so much fun. Dan's parents; Tom and Dotty are just the best.

On Friday, we attended the new Rexburg Temple with the kids and Dan's mom, Dotty.

Saturday, Kris was off and we all went to Yellowstone Park. It was Dan's first time to go. It snowed and we almost slid off the canyon road. Kris made us some hot chocolate for the trip. It was great. We timed it just right to see Old Faithful going off.

On Sunday, they blessed the baby and gave talks too. They were masterpieces. We love them and miss them sooo much. It was a great trip.

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Grandmommy Crum said...

How great!! Sounds like it was the best!! I bet it was so hard to come back home! Its hard to leave you kids isnt it! Call me, we need to celebrate Los birthday. You and Lo, sure have a great family, I love you all!!!

Mich n Dan said...

Mom, I love you. I like how you pretty much gave every detail of the trip. It made me miss you even more than I already do. I feel so much better when you and dad are around. Keep up the blogging even if you just feel like you have something to say just say it. I want to be more updated how things are going down there. Love you.

The Grover's said...

and what an excellent adventure it was...we sure miss you guys. I love seeing what you wrote about the trip. We had so much fun. I've figured it out- you and Dad just need to turn into snowbirds so you can spend your summers here and winters there wouldn't that be perfect? We love you tons and tons and miss you so much.

Tara said...

Wow mom! Looks like you've got this whole blogging thing down. I especially love the collage. Lol! Well, it looks and sounds like you guys had a great trip. I can see the pure joy in your eyes. I only wish I could have been there to share in all the fun. Love you!

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

sounds like a lovely trip!!

i just want to thank you for your sweet comment. it means so much to me. i love what you said about opposition. i've never heard it put that way. i love you!