Monday, January 26, 2009

World's Cutest Grandkids

We like to call this one the "Nose Picker"

The best of the bunch.
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Hey all, Tara here just thought I'd throw up some pictures from this past Thanksgiving for Mom. Her camera broke! So, this is all the grandchildren together. Well, until June that is!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tagged a long long time ago...

1.I have this deep, deep desire to be a really great gift giver. Not necessarily expensive ones but thoughtful ones that take into consideration the receiver. My need for perfectionism just gets in the way....

2.I love, love, love spike heels. It's not that I have that many shoes, but when I am dressing up its very hard for me to put on a pair of flats. Man, I could go shoe shopping for hours, just trying them on and looking in the mirrors. I imagine that I have Barbie doll shaped feet.( Is that a fixation?)
How many 5' 9" women do you know that don't mind being 6' 1" ?!

3. I have this deep, dark, hidden need to be super organized. It harks way, way back to the days when I was 10 years old and made myself to do lists.
(Does this remind you of anyone Eliza?) Lorenzo tells me that I need to get back to my childhood roots.

4. I would really love to be able to belt out a tune and knock 'em dead. But that's a talent that the seeds pretty much have to be there when you are born. Oh well. I guess I will stick to primary chorister. (which I love!)

5. One last dream is to appear on the tonight show with Jay Leno and leave them laughing so hard they are crying or peeing their pants. Just some funstuff. (When we were first married, Lo used to make me do my imitations of the godfather anand alld Paul Lynde.)

Now I tag any and all of my sisters-in-law.